11:42AM EDT - We're currently seated at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, waiting the start of the keynote

11:44AM EDT - As a part of lessons learned, this year I've brought a USB->Ethernet adapter and it's clearly paying off right now

12:06PM EDT - In an interesting departure from most keynotes I've attended, this one is outdoors

12:07PM EDT - On the bright side, holding a keynote outdoors means that the lighting here is probably going to be as good as it will ever be.

12:22PM EDT - As expected 2.4 GHz spectrum is fairly crowded with wireless hotspots, but 5 GHz is actually fairly clear

12:26PM EDT - Of course, with the Razer Blade 5 GHz reception isn't the greatest, but in general it looks like 5 GHz is fairly clear.

12:29PM EDT - A new looping animation started so things are starting to pick up now

12:59PM EDT - Looks like we're starting

01:05PM EDT - Sundar Pichai on the stage

01:07PM EDT - Over 50% of searches are now coming from mobile

01:08PM EDT - 20% of searches in the US are done with voice

01:08PM EDT - The goal is rich information in mobile contexts

01:09PM EDT - Search has been evolving towards improvement in assistance

01:09PM EDT - Knowledge graph, and investments in CS to improve assistive search

01:10PM EDT - Google Photos can now show things like "dog videos"

01:11PM EDT - Real time visual translation is another example of how machine learning and AI can be applied

01:11PM EDT - "Today, we are announcing the Google Assistant"

01:13PM EDT - "An order of magnitude ahead of everyone else" with regard to follow-on natural language queries

01:16PM EDT - More elaboration of conversational assistance

01:18PM EDT - Example of context, ordering curry instead of Stephen Curry results.

01:19PM EDT - Early preview of Google assistant in the home

01:20PM EDT - Far field voice recognition is pretty much key to enabling Google Home

01:22PM EDT - Google Home is basically an extension of the Chromecast. Includes wireless audio streaming built in.

01:22PM EDT - Can also control other speakers with Google Home

01:23PM EDT - Multi-room playback is also supported

01:23PM EDT - Can also control video content if the TV is connected to Google Home somehow

01:24PM EDT - This is also apparently an IoT hub yet again

01:24PM EDT - Maybe Google Home is different but I'm profoundly pessimistic about IoT

01:25PM EDT - The whole growth of computing has always been integrating general purpose computing and connectivity in new formfactors

01:25PM EDT - Where applications needed more compute power in order to do more things and do things faster

01:26PM EDT - In my experience IoT doesn't really have this problem of more compute needed

01:29PM EDT - Google Home will be available later this year

01:30PM EDT - Last year Google Photos was announced with a new computer vision twist

01:31PM EDT - Adoption of Photos is at over 200M active users monthly

01:31PM EDT - Over 2T labels applied

01:31PM EDT - 24B labels are for selfies

01:32PM EDT - Eric Kay on the stage for communication

01:33PM EDT - 2 new communication apps that combine communication + machine learning

01:33PM EDT - First up is Allo

01:34PM EDT - Time for a demo of Allo

01:35PM EDT - To add emotion to text there's something called "Whisper Shout" to adjust size dynamically

01:36PM EDT - Also you can draw on photos like it's Snapchat I guess

01:36PM EDT - Quick replies based upon conversation context

01:37PM EDT - Learns from your writing to make reply suggestions

01:37PM EDT - If I use this, every quick reply will probably be "ayy lmao"

01:38PM EDT - Quick replies based upon images as well, which is fairly shocking from a CS perspective

01:38PM EDT - "90% accurate at determining whether a dog deserves a 'cute dog' response"

01:40PM EDT - Google assistant built into Allo to search for things like Italian food

01:40PM EDT - Google search results can show up in a chat for everyone

01:42PM EDT - Also, Google as a chatbot for booking restaurants through OpenTable and other possible applications

01:42PM EDT - @google can automatically search for things at any time

01:43PM EDT - Apparently @google is useful for conversational search

01:44PM EDT - I wonder if you could actually fool people into believing that @google is human

01:46PM EDT - Obviously this sounds rather intrusive, so Allo has an incognito mode

01:47PM EDT - Presumably you can't actually use Google and other features because of end to end encryption

01:47PM EDT - For incognito mode

01:48PM EDT - I'm sure someone in a legislature somewhere is choking on this news

01:49PM EDT - Duo is the second messaging app

01:49PM EDT - Duo can show you a live video stream before you pick up the call

01:51PM EDT - Duo uses WebRTC and QUIC

01:52PM EDT - Video calling is supposed to be more reliable with Duo

01:52PM EDT - Seamless WiFi-Cellular handoff

01:52PM EDT - Channel adaptation

01:54PM EDT - Dave Burke on the stage now for Android

01:57PM EDT - Android N does a lot under the hood

01:58PM EDT - Android N will be crowd-sourced to decide the name, Google reserves right to pick winner

01:58PM EDT - I'm guessing 4chan doesn't get to manipulate this one then

01:59PM EDT - Android N will use Vulkan to achieve API parity with desktop

01:59PM EDT - This also reduces CPU overhead to increase the number of draw calls or do some other work on the CPU instead of OpenGL validation and API overhead

02:00PM EDT - Precompiled shaders are also part of Vulkan, not news but good to know for those that are unfamiliar

02:01PM EDT - Instead of all AOT compilation, JIT compilation and AOT hybrid to improve app install time, performance, storage, and power efficiency.

02:02PM EDT - File level encryption, media framework hardening to avoid stagefright fiascos again

02:02PM EDT - Seamless updates in Android N which uses 2 system images to make it so that OTAs happen seamlessly.

02:03PM EDT - JIT also does away with optimizing per app with OTAs

02:04PM EDT - Mostly a review of Google Play security heuristics and other security measures

02:05PM EDT - SafetyNet checks 8B apps every day

02:05PM EDT - 99% of the time people only select apps in the last seven cards. So auto removal of old cards and a clear all button in response to users

02:06PM EDT - Double tapping recent button will bring up last used app other than foreground.

02:07PM EDT - Split screen and PiP are going to be in the final N release, in case it was ever in doubt

02:07PM EDT - Notifications are also improved in N

02:08PM EDT - Can reply to messages directly in notification drawer

02:08PM EDT - Long tap notifications to change visibility to make them silent or block them (blocking isn't new)

02:09PM EDT - Emoji standards are also being kept up with in android

02:10PM EDT - Beta release of N happening today on Nexus devices and Pixel C

02:11PM EDT - One new unannounced Android N feature announced here

02:11PM EDT - Did I mention VR? Because we're on VR.

02:12PM EDT - Google believes VR should be mobile, approachable, and for everyone

02:13PM EDT - Daydream is the VR platform

02:13PM EDT - Won't be available until fall

02:13PM EDT - VR optimizations in Android N, headset, controller, and apps

02:15PM EDT - Latency under 20 ms using single buffer rendering and other VR tweaks

02:15PM EDT - I'm guessing S810 isn't going to be Daydream ready.

02:16PM EDT - Headset design has a reference design for Daydream

02:17PM EDT - Reference controller has sensors, clickpad, buttons, etc.

02:17PM EDT - Example VR UI in Daydream

02:18PM EDT - The controller approximates Vive motion controllers without using laser sensors. Interesting to see just how precise it is

02:18PM EDT - inertial motion tracking tends to accumulate integration error over time so interested in seeing how they solve these issues

02:18PM EDT - Google Play Store for VR

02:20PM EDT - Google Play Movies for Daydream, as well as Street View

02:20PM EDT - Google Photos will support VR photos too

02:20PM EDT - Youtube will also support Daydream

02:21PM EDT - Android wearables up next

02:22PM EDT - Android Wear 2.0 announced today

02:23PM EDT - audience noise is actually much harder to hear relative to moscone, birds are actually very loud here

02:23PM EDT - open air is reducing volume I think?

02:23PM EDT - Android Wear brings complications to the watchface.

02:24PM EDT - smart reply, handwriting, and a keyboard

02:25PM EDT - I can't believe they did this but apparently they added a keyboard to Android Wear?

02:26PM EDT - Improved fitness integration with no need for a paired phone

02:26PM EDT - I still can't believe they showed a keyboard on a watch

02:26PM EDT - Standalone apps can have direct network access with Android Wear 2.0 instead of relying on phone

02:27PM EDT - Android Wear 2.0 preview available today, full launch in fall.

02:30PM EDT - We're now talking about Chrome but for some reason we're not talking about performance issues with Chrome on Android

02:30PM EDT - AMP support helps with faster page loads

02:31PM EDT - Android Studio improvements as well

02:31PM EDT - 92% of top 125 apps use Android Studio

02:32PM EDT - It looks like this eclipses Eclipse

02:32PM EDT - Android 2.2 improves building and running apps much faster than before

02:33PM EDT - Emulation can now be faster than actual phones on reasonably modern hardware

02:33PM EDT - Build speed is now faster as well

02:33PM EDT - Test recording is also possible, just do some actions in an app and Android Studio will auto generate test code

02:34PM EDT - Layout Designer rewritten with constraint layouts

02:34PM EDT - Constraint layouts does away with nested layouts to improve performance

02:35PM EDT - APK analyzer, layout inspectors, new Android code analysis tools

02:35PM EDT - IntelliJ 2016.1 IDE also included

02:36PM EDT - Android 2.2 supports Android N Jack compiler, lambdas, default methods, and C++ support is enhanced

02:36PM EDT - Support for CMake and NDK build and will work with debugger for better C++ support

02:39PM EDT - Firebase is very dev-targeted so I'll probably just avoid spending too much time talking about this

02:40PM EDT - There are also an amazing number of insects at this keynote

02:44PM EDT - Guess there's more, Anndroid Instant Apps

02:45PM EDT - You can now click a link and instantly go into an app without installing it

02:45PM EDT - Google Play dynamically streams the application to the device

02:47PM EDT - You can also stream apps using NFC tags and then fetch the app requested over network

02:49PM EDT - Instant apps demo was on Kitkat so this works with everything back to Jelly Bean

02:49PM EDT - Android Instant Apps will be available later this year

02:49PM EDT - Back to Sundar, looks like we're wrapping up now

03:16PM EDT - Final note before closing out the live blog, Google disclosed a tensor processing unit which dramatically speeds up machine learning relative to FPGA or any existing ASIC

03:16PM EDT - Hopefully more details to come, this could change hardware direction

03:16PM EDT - Please stay tuned for more Google I/O coverage soon!

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  • Impulses - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    Wasn't Google Now supposed to be the Google Assistant? Does this piggyback upon Now or is it's own thing?
  • CalaverasGrande - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    in typical google (alphabet?) fashion they will probably do both, and fold up the one that performs poorly.
  • webdoctors - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    Watching the allo keynote, I kept thinking: plz clap.

    The audience wasnt amused at all. Super lame.
  • thetuna - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    Some of these jokes are so bad haha
  • Impulses - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    I guess Allo/Duo will supplant Hangout? Since it's based around the phone # and all, seems like everything Google+ ever touched got revamped or taken out back and shot itf... Shame cause I like Hangout, dunno whether Allo will see any better adoption, I guess being based around your # helps but other IM services have done that for years.
  • Alexey291 - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    Google keeps making more and more messengers. They are all partially redundant, none of them have a full feature set and none of them have a decent userbase.

    I've gone back to using Skype (and now complemented by Whatsapp) after literal years of trying to get my friends to use hangouts.
  • Murloc - Thursday, May 19, 2016 - link

    everyone is on skype and it does the job so why use anything else?
  • jjj - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    We need details on those TPUs
  • jjj - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    found some info https://cloudplatform.googleblog.com/2016/05/Googl...
  • Ikefu - Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - link

    LOVE the fact that you flipped the blog to chronological order after the event was over from the live newest is first order during the event. Massively helpful for those of us reading after work. I wish more sites did this. Kudos to Anandtech this small but awesome thing!

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