Although we had intentions of podcasting during CES week, we honestly couldn't find the time among all of the meetings. Finally, on our last night of the show, Brian, Jarred and myself got together and recorded just a small portion of what we saw at the show.

We went over the new Snapdragons, Allwinner's A31 SoC (and the Odna tablet with the iPad 4's display), Broadcom's LTE modem, Galaxy Camera, Oculus VR, Haswell and more. 

The AnandTech Podcast - Episode 14
featuring Anand Shimpi, Brian Klug & Jarred Walton

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Direct Links - mp3m4a

Total Time: 1 hour 32 minutes

Outline - hh:mm

Snapdragon 800 & 600 - 00:02 
Allwinner A31 - 00:10
Broadcom LTE thing - 00:16
Galaxy Camera - 00:18
EMBMS - 00:23
Oculus VR - 00:26
Crucial DDR4 - 00:41
M500 SSD - 00:45
Laptop Displays - 00:48
Surface Pro - 1:02
Ivy Bridge 7W - 1:04
Haswell GPU Performance - 1:11
Tegra 4 - 1:16

As always, comments are welcome and appreciated. 



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  • amrs - Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - link

    Thanks for another great podcast! I especially appreciate the deep details in these. I've wondered why since I'm usually not so interested in reading same. Perhaps it's because I mostly listen during my commute so the detailed info is a sort of value add to otherwise wasted time...

    I also appreciate the lack of self promotion in these. Some other, much shorter podcast I just listened to spent over 10% of their time talking about themselves and promoting their site. Just the facts please the way Anandtech does it!

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