04:42PM EDT - The afternoon keynote session has talks from Micron, SK Hynix, and YMTC, speaking all about future Flash products. This first talk is titled 'QLC Flash: Meeting the Challenges of the New Data Economy'.

04:42PM EDT - Talk is set to start in 10 minutes, 1:50pm Pacific Time

04:49PM EDT - Here we go

04:49PM EDT - Derek Dicker, CVP of the Storage Business Unit

04:49PM EDT - Starting with the background of Micron

04:50PM EDT - Founded 1978

04:50PM EDT - Originally a design consultancy for semiconductor design

04:50PM EDT - Went from services to building DRAM

04:51PM EDT - Based in Boise, ID

04:51PM EDT - 1981, first 64kb DRAM

04:52PM EDT - 2007, SLC NAND

04:52PM EDT - 2011, MLC NAND

04:52PM EDT - 2016, TLC NAND

04:52PM EDT - 2018, QLC NAND

04:52PM EDT - About 35000 employees, revenue $30b/q

04:53PM EDT - In 2000-2007, 250 billion GB created annually

04:54PM EDT - In 2008-2016, 7000 billion GB created annually

04:54PM EDT - In 2017, 22000 billion GB created

04:55PM EDT - Revenue generated from memory, (NAND, DRAM, NOR) $130B+

04:55PM EDT - All driven by the next generation networks

04:55PM EDT - Forcast 62000 billion GB in 2021

04:56PM EDT - In Client PC, 80% PC SSD adoption anticipated by 2021, 2x expected average cap increase

04:58PM EDT - In Mobile, 100x network bandwidth increase with 5G by 2021, 1.7x increase in DRAM and 3x NAND per phone anticipated

04:59PM EDT - Some phones today have 1TB of NAND

04:59PM EDT - In Automotive, vehicle sensors projected to increase to 200 per core, 22 billion sensors a year generating data by 2020

05:00PM EDT - In IoT, sensor data growing at 50x business data, 3 image sensors for every human anticipated

05:01PM EDT - Big aspect is datacenter

05:02PM EDT - AI Workloads unleash the need for more memory and storage. Micron expects 6.8x DRAM per server in 20201

05:03PM EDT - Going from 366GB for a standard server to 2.5TB for an AI server

05:03PM EDT - Micron expects capacity will increase by 1.8x for AI

05:04PM EDT - Now discussing NVIDIA DGX-2

05:04PM EDT - 1.5TB DRAM, 30TB NAND in a single DGX-2

05:04PM EDT - AI and DL are changing the IO patterns of the datacenter

05:05PM EDT - IO Pattern for DL is 5000:1 read-to-write ratio

05:05PM EDT - traditional datacenter IO is 4:1 read-to-write

05:05PM EDT - Means a need for things that are read intensive

05:05PM EDT - The trends mean that there is a need to span the memory and storage continuum

05:06PM EDT - Micron sees a lot of reasons to see the demands of the future

05:06PM EDT - Need to deliver solutions through innovation

05:06PM EDT - Micron Innovation: CMOS under the array

05:07PM EDT - Taking the CMOS logic under the array, compressing the x and y dimensions

05:07PM EDT - get more space to add more memory

05:08PM EDT - Also innovation: Array Stacking

05:08PM EDT - rather than adding layers, just add stacks

05:09PM EDT - Russ Meyer to the stage, CVP of NVM Integration

05:10PM EDT - 4th Gen 3D NAND is coming

05:11PM EDT - Low resistance metallization to improve perf

05:11PM EDT - This technology is set to scale into 200 tiers

05:11PM EDT - switching from floating gate to charge trap cell

05:12PM EDT - Going after write bandwidths

05:12PM EDT - Lower energy per bit

05:14PM EDT - 5210 ION SSD is world's first QLC drive: read focused for enterprise

05:15PM EDT - What the ideal workload for QLC is

05:15PM EDT - 4.6x better perf with fewer drives

05:16PM EDT - replacing the HDDs in the datacetenter

05:16PM EDT - Replacing four 10K RPM HDDs with one QLC SSD for 4x higher perf

05:17PM EDT - QLC can't beat 10k RPM HDDs on $/GB, but has lower TCO thanks to lower power, higher density and performance

05:17PM EDT - 3 node Ceph cluster using 24x 8TB drives for 70 Gbps read

05:17PM EDT - for CDNs

05:17PM EDT - New storage stack software for 2x better throughput with 4.5x reduction in write amplification

05:20PM EDT - Micron vision: transforming how the world uses information to enrich life

05:20PM EDT - Micron has four breakout sessions at FMS

05:20PM EDT - That's a wrap. SK Hynix is next! Check the front page for our live blog

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