Burn Tests CDR Media

We use the following configuration to test our burners:

Albatron 865PE Pro II
Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz 800FSB
2 x 512 DDR OCZ PC3200 EL
Maxtor 80GB 7200RPM 8MB PATA
Windows XP SP1

You can check out our previous benchmarks on the Plextor PX-712A from last month. For the duration of this benchmark, we use the included A101mware. We first burn the media with the LG GSA-4120B and then use Plextools to test C1/C2/CU averages in the same drive. Good burns have low C1/C2 averages and are considered the most readable. We used Ahead Nero's CD-DVD Speed 2.11.4 for burn and read tests.

Ritek CDR:

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The GSA-4120B uses a slightly unusual Zone CLV burn method for CDRs. Most burners that we have looked at over the last few months have migrated to Constant Angular Velocity type CDR burns. Below, you can see how the GSA-4120B read the disc back.

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Here is how the disc performed using the Plextor PX-712A to check for errors.

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Memorex CDR:

Here is how our store-bought Memorex 48X CDRs fared with the burner.

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Above, the burn and initial readback look good. And here is how the same disc performed within the PX-712A.

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The Plextor has absolutely no trouble reading this disc.

Imation CDR:

Again, here are Imation store-bought CDRs burned and read with the LG burner.

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And here they are analyzed with the Plextor PX-712A.

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Although the read did not stay as consistant as the Ritek or Memorex CDRs, the Imation disc is still readable by our PX-712A. Surprisingly, the PX-712A did not detect any C2 errors.

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  • MysticMan1 - Wednesday, July 7, 2004 - link

    Update: I see in another review that the reviewer was able to burn 2 DL disc and play them back successfully. Reply
  • MysticMan1 - Friday, July 2, 2004 - link

    What I find odd is that on the LG web site it says that the LG GSA-4120B "supports" DL disc, but it doesn't say you can burn a DL disc with this the GSA-4120B burner, maybe that's why all the test on DL media ended with coasters :P Reply
  • mino - Sunday, June 27, 2004 - link

    Kris: 3x RAM media would suffice as ViRGE allready pointed out.
    You also benchmarked DVD+R 8x and didn't skip these tests just because no 12x media were present.
  • AtaStrumf - Sunday, June 20, 2004 - link

    Missing images here as well!

    As for LG's DVD burners. I and a friend both have LG GSA-4081Bs and we're quite happy with them. It writes quickly, reads quickly, the only complaint is that it sucks for burning CDRs. Very slow, very picky with media, simply no good. I put my TEAC 24x CD-RW and friend's LiteOn 48x CD-RW back in after a week or so.

    As for the need for DVD burners that araczynski was asking about. How do you suppose I burned 105 GB I downloaded last month? This month I'm already at 72 GB and there are still 10 days to go. I'd go crazy if I didn't have a DVD burner.
  • ViRGE - Friday, June 18, 2004 - link

    Kris: Are you asking where the 5x DVD-RAM media is, or just DVD-RAM media in general? Newegg carries DVD-RAM discs, although a 5-pack is $20.

    PS I'm getting the same missing image problem as MadAd
  • MadAd - Friday, June 18, 2004 - link

    I have 2 images missing on page 1, nero_identify.gif and dvdinfo.gif Reply
  • ZORAX - Friday, June 18, 2004 - link

    I wonder why LG keeps using Z-CLV for burning... Reply
  • ZORAX - Friday, June 18, 2004 - link

  • KristopherKubicki - Friday, June 18, 2004 - link

    mino: Where is the DVD RAM media?

  • mino - Friday, June 18, 2004 - link

    hmm, where is DVD-RAM test boys ?? Reply

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