Apexgaming — a joint venture between Apextechusa and Solytech Cooperation — is a relatively new kid on the gaming block. The two aforementioned companies created the brand to address the expanding market of PC cases, PSUs, and various accessories aimed at gamers. For Apexgaming, this was the first Computex and it brought a number of rather interesting products to the show. The key eyecatcher at Apexgaming’s booth was the X-Mars full-tower E-ATX case, which was made of aluminum and capable of supporting pretty much everything that is possible. The chassis can accommodate an E-ATX motherboard (so, up to two sockets), a CPU cooler that is up to 200 mm high, a graphics card that is up to 432 mm long (such graphics cards are...

Apexgaming Unveils X-Mars and Hermes Tempered Glass Chassis

Apexgaming, known for manufacturing gaming cases, power supplies, and other computer peripherals, recently announced two reddot design award winners in the X-Mars full-tower E-ATX gaming chassis and the mid-tower...

5 by Joe Shields on 6/4/2018

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