At CES I took a look at Intel's newly announced Lexington platform FFRD (Form Factor Reference Design) which is an entry-level smartphone design aimed at emerging markets and uses a lower clocked 1.2 GHz Z2420 SoC, dual-SIM supporting XMM6265, and smaller 3.5-inch HVGA display. I came away decently impressed with the Lexington platform when you consider the broader context of the entry level market which it was designed to compete in. Later that week on the AnandTech podcast I joked about Intel naming a part with Y in it the Yolo, amazingly enough, today Intel announced the availability and launch of their first Lexington smartphone platform device win with the Yolo smartphone in partnership with African carrier Safaricom. Intel seems to have adopted a...

Hands on with Intel's Lexington Platform Z2420 Phone

Yesterday I played around with Intel's Lexington platform FFRD smartphone. Lexington is an entry level cousin of the Medfield platform which is based around Intel's Z2420 SoC and an...

3 by Brian Klug on 1/9/2013

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