PowerVR Series8

Over the years the PowerVR team over at Imagination has settled in to a rather comfortable release cadence for GPU designs. Every year since the Rogue GPU architecture was initially announced in 2012, the company has released an updated versions of the architecture and/or new GPU designs around the start of the year. Last year’s focus was on high space efficiency with Series8XE, and now for 2017 Imagination is back once again, this time with the aptly named Series 8XE Plus, a new set of GPU core designs specifically for going after the midrange market for 1080p rendering. The launch of the Series8XE Plus family comes as the IP designer has managed to regain better footing in the SoC GPU market. The company has offered...

Imagination Announces PowerVR Series8XE Family - Entry-Level GPUs Get Smaller

With Mobile World Congress 2016 now in full swing, we’ll see a slew of announcements this week. Among the crowd is Imagination Technologies, who is using the show as...

10 by Ryan Smith on 2/22/2016

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